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5 reasons why bilingual employees should not translate business documents

5 reasons why bilingual employees should not translate business documents

You may think that you are lucky to not only have an employee or employees who are business graduates, know your company’s business but are bilingual as well. Instead of calling up a translation agency you think that you can just assign the translation to your bilingual employees. No added expenses for you. But unless your employees were hired as translators with translation credentials, these are the reasons why they should not translate business documents for you.

Bilingual employees may not be that fluent in the target language

Sure they can understand the document to be translated well, it doesn’t mean they can couch the translation in terms that is appropriate for a business document. The final product might not sound professional and certainly not fit to be presented to the board, to the clients or to your partners.

You will have to take their word for it.

There’s no one else to check if their translation is correct or not, or if they had overlooked little errors. Do you really want to risk the chance that they could have gotten something wrong?

Your bilingual employees might resent it.

Translation was never in their job description. They may have a rough idea how much you’re saving by passing the work to them and think they should at least receive a part of what you would have paid the translation firm.

Your bilingual employees might not be able to do a high quality job.

Since it’s not part of their daily duties and they have received no training for it, they might not be able to switch gears and deliver it in a quality that you hope. Other tasks might preoccupy them.

Your bilingual employees are best used elsewhere.

You wouldn’t demean your best financial analyst with translation work just because they are bilingual when they have more important duties.

Leave the analyzing to the analysts and the translation to professional translators.

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