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How to do Search Engine Optimization in Other Languages

How to do Search Engine Optimization in Other Languages

In addition to the revelation from Internet World Stat that more searches are done on Google with languages other than English, it is confirmed that people do not buy products from websites that doesn’t provide a review of products in their native dialect. Also, less than 30% of users of internet speak English. This is one of the key significance of Search Engine Optimization in other languages, to break barriers and increase efficiency in communication and business. Obviously, it needs to be paired with translating your website.

These revelations underscore the importance of SEO in foreign languages by projecting the content of a website to the non-English speakers who use the internet, and search for more keywords.

Tips for Search Engine Optimization in Other Languages

  • Avoid translations for keywords, research keywords in non-English speaking regions

Never make the mistake of researching keywords of English translations. Translation of an English keyword to another language may necessarily capture the keyword for the same idea the other language.

For instance, ‘Sharp multi-tool accessories’ may not be the commonly searched words for multi-tool accessories in South Africa since ‘Sharp’ in Afrikaans means something different.

For better results when researching keywords in foreign languages, hire a skilled translator.

  • Focus on Country, Not Language

The commonly searched words for an idea may not be the standard words of a language spoken in a country. Sometimes, keywords are slangs or coined words.

To collect the keywords in a country, hire translators from the country of interest who understands trends, slangs and parlances in the country.

  • Focus on the leading Search Engine and Social Media Networks in the target country

Google, Facebook and Twitter are not popular is some countries. For example, Baidu is the Chinese Google while the South Koreans use Naver.  Also, the commonly used social media platform in Japan is Mixi while Orkut is common in Brazil

Focus on the top search engines and social media networks in your country of choice and understand their biases and keywords structure.

  • Register in-country domain name

Finally, register an in-country domain name for your specific country of target.


Consider the keywords, social media network and popular search engine in your country of target. These are the core aspects of search engine optimization in other languages.

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