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Beverage and food translation industry

Beverage and food translation industry

Beverage and food translation

A quick glance may suggest that this beverage and food translation doesn’t need that much attention. However, that is not correct at all because, if we stop and think about the number of recipes, ingredients and drinks that we have in our own culture and then we multiply it by the number of cultures and languages in the world, we get a very substantial number.

In order that this industry grows continuously alongside tourism, it needs a way to keep the customer up-to-date and to present itself appropriately. For this to happen, the food and beverage industry needs:food translation

  • Menu translation
  • Recipe translation
  • Ingredients translation
  • Blog and website translation

The food translation not only helps tourism, but it is also very important from the allergy point-of-view, informing customers and helping to avert illness or worse.

By hiring a professional translation agency, any company in the food and beverage industry can enhance its professional status, unlike many other companies that carelessly display their mistranslated work. Here are some extracts:

  • In a hotel in China, the room service menu included in the desserts section a dish called “Chocolate Puke“
  • In Atlanta, Georgia, in a Chinese flea market you can find on the menu the “Sweat and Sour Chicken”
  • This is the presentation of an Italian wine translated in English, in China: “A mouth hit I am wimpy in a brilliant fragrance to let you yearn for berries, and to be smooth is a characteristic. It is rare red sparkling wine.”

The only positive thing from these examples is the laughter, but even that won’t guarantee bringing back those customers. A proper work on food translation would have avoided that.

So this is why it is very important to make the best choice regarding the translation company that will be handling your company’s written presentations.

By choosing No Borders Translations for your food translation, you make sure that you will get the quality provided by native translators with speedy delivery at competitive rates.

As the Internet never closes, we are available at any time, 24 hours a day, for your translation requests.

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