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Dutch to English Translation – Does a Dutch Really Understand English?

Dutch to English Translation – Does a Dutch Really Understand English?

Dutch to English Translation

A survey was made recently showing that Dutch people tend to be confident in the use of certain languages, but is not warranted by the results in their proficiency exams. The message a person may want to convey is done by using a language without misleading interpretation of the idea. In addressing people in their own native language or dialect is the best way of communicating with them.

Dutch community is so large and may have been regarded as an attractive market to access. Approximately 23 million of the Dutch are speakers in most parts of the world and they come from Belgium, Suriname, and the Netherlands. Several Dutch groups are a few in numbers, and they come from France, Germany and from some other former Dutch colonies such as Aruba and Dutch Antilles.

Dutch to English translation is now very much needed

There have been application software for translation purposes specifically made to translate documents, which may be in legal, business, web, SEO item, information technology related, and many others. The leading Dutch To English Translation service is the NBT. The scope of their clientele is worldwide and is oftentimes hired for their expertise in the translation of documents in any field. NBT gives out online free quotes by simply uploading your file or document through their website.

The receiver as well as the translator should know that there are differences in the translation from Dutch English Translation language. Manuals are the type of document that shows a very big difference. The manuals in English use imperative verbs and in the Dutch, auxiliary are mostly used.

The following is an example of how a manual is written in English. “Insert the cable into its synchronizing port”. Notice the verb? “Insert” is an imperative verb and if translated to Dutch it will appear like, “You may insert into its coordinating port.” The translator should keep an eye on this.

Being aware of the simple and few differences in Dutch to English translation is of great importance. Everything must be done with vigilance because it makes cause so much trouble for your business. Such instances were already experienced by even some of the major businesses and were affected by embarrassment. With NBT in existence, legal documents, business transactions, and even Belgian and Flemish tourists can be served. Their service is known worldwide for its accuracy, timely delivery as well as their unvalued reputation in the translation service business.

NBT, a premiere translation company, provides full translation services. NBT will be pleased to help you. Request a Dutch to English Translation Quote online.

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