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4 Reasons Why You Cannot Afford To Choose Machine Translation

4 Reasons Why You Cannot Afford To Choose Machine Translation

Machine translation has become a very popular service in the last years, mostly due to tremendous developments in technology. More and more people need things translated and you probably are the same. However, what is your preferred method? Do you like to go online and use the automated translation tools and apps or do you like going for a professional service? There are many options out there to choose from but if you want accurate translation services, you cannot really choose a machine to do the work for you.

Machine translation doesn’t guarantee accuracy

You can easily use machine translation to help translate a word or two which is good because you now know what the words mean. You can also use automated translation when you only need to figure out what a document is about. However, this isn’t a good option to choose when you need accurate translation. The simple fact why is down to accuracy. You cannot expect to use machine translation in order to get decent translation.

A machine doesn’t pick up the meaning of the phrase

When you translate a sentence word for word, it really isn’t going to make good sense. The reason why is simply because there are different meanings and usages of the words when they make up a sentence. One word on its own might mean one thing but putting it into a sentence can change the entire meaning so it isn’t always the best option to look for. Machine translation might be cheaper but it’s not always the best.

Getting Unknown Words

When you use a computer for translation you can often find out the machine run into errors when it could not translate a certain word. Instead of offering an accurate translation, it spits the words back out with most words translated apart from one or two it doesn’t understand. This is a big problem because trying to get a sentence to make sense is difficult when you don’t have the right words.

Human Errors Can Be Corrected

The difference between using a human being and a computer is that the human can see its own errors when doing the final check. However, computers don’t always know the errors and can’t always pick them up when it comes to translation. Machine translation can simply spit the words out and show them on screen but the computer cannot look back at what it has translated and pick up the errors it made.

Don’t Ruin Your Business

Machine translators can be useful when it comes to getting the general meaning of text but it becomes useless when it comes to business documents or materials. It simply doesn’t offer any depth to the words and often, there is no accuracy either. Machines don’t always produce the best results and could ruin your reputation in the business world. What will you choose: machine translation or a human translator?

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