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Google translator when to use it and when not to

Google translator when to use it and when not to

Google Translator is a match for professional in the translation industry. It is can be freely accessed online, and it is fast and more reliable that most translation platforms on the internet.

GT, has it is sometimes called, works differently from other online translation resources. It is powered by Google’s web crawler such that it continuously gathers series of words from multiple languages that are available on the internet space into its archive and subject translations to matches from the archive.

Based on the method of operation of Google Translator, it comes with the following advantages:

Advantages of Google Translator

  • It is Free

GT does not require translation fees that the professional translators charge for translation projects.

  • It is Quick

With the GT, there’s no time for delay. Translations are done on spot regardless of the number of words that is to be translated.

  • It is accessible

Anybody can easy use GT once there is internet connection and compatible device to browse the internet with.

Disadvantages of Google Translator

Despite the strong points of GT, it still cannot replace skilled, experienced and certified translators.

  • It may not translate accurately/not reliable

The online translation resource performs woefully in maintaining context while interpreting from a source text to some languages of translation.

  • It may not protect users’ privacy

It is unwise to upload texts from delicate business documents for translation on the GT platform.

Google Translator: When to Use it

  • For leisure

GT is ideal for translating lyrics of a song, line of a movie or other leisurely activity. In fact, it is not recommended to use the GT for school projects as there is no way to verify if the translation is correct or not.

Google Translator: When Not to Use it

GT cannot be used with private, business or important documents. For translation projects that belong to any of these categories, a translation company or freelancer is best approach since they are expected to work with standard practices.

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