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What is machine translation and why it should not be used for business

What is machine translation and why it should not be used for business

Translations that are carried out by a computer (machine translation) is enticing and seems very attractive to many businesses who would rather try their hand at translating documents themselves. A computer programs that translates words into any language you want are out there for the taking, ready to translate any content you have ready. Don’t be fooled—this is a very bad idea.

You may wonder, “How could machine translation be a bad idea if it is a technology that has been created for the sole purpose of translating?” There are several pitfalls to machine translators.

Here are a few reasons to consider never using machine translation:

  • Language dialect isn’t considered in a simple translation. There are several dialects for any one language. These dialects may not make sense to the whole, but they are linguistically appropriate for a sub-population of your target market. A computer program would never be able to pick up on which dialect is culturally appropriate. Only a trained, native-speaking translator would be able to tell you if said phrases translate accurately.
  • An appropriate saying in one language wouldn’t translate completely to another. In the Hmong language, the word for “placenta” literally translates as “jacket.” This is an extreme example of how one word in one language will not mean the same thing in another language. But, a machine translation will never be able to decipher this oddity.
  • Language is more than just words. Language is tied to entire cultures—the slang, the metaphors used, the meanings behind them—and it is simply wrong to try and simplify it to anything less than that. A machine translation will never be able to properly convey the proper sayings from one language to another.

Professional translators are highly trained in linguistics—from the translations to the cultures they serve. By working with a professional translation service you are not only ensuring your communications come out competent and clear, you are paying your respects to your target audiences’ cultures. Don’t use a machine translation for business. Talk to the professionals.

When it comes to business, the only viable option is to go with a professional translation agency like No Border Translations as they will provide accurate translations.

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