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Playing Social Games in Your Native Language – a Growing Trend

Playing Social Games in Your Native Language – a Growing Trend

Would you play social games in a foreign language?

Social games have been pivotal in making people around the world connected through entertainment offered by digital devices. With the rapid advancement of mobile applications and software programs, gaming receives a face-lift that may soon enough change the way we look at video games.

Communication, at this present time, has gone beyond verbal and written symbols. Language evolves—and so does communicating with it. Communication permeates through cultural and linguistic endeavors that use available mediums considerably identifiable within a particular location that uses a specific language. It has surpassed expectations and limitations with how we express opinion, identity and culture, and that it has challenged the way we perceive communication to affect and affect the users at large.

Communication has carried on influencing video games that were thought to be played solely in solitude. With unstoppable progress in digital gaming processing and programming, communication now involves, as an integral part, playing these games that do not require a specific language shared unanimously by players (or at least a linguistic medium spoken or used in a specific region). Nevertheless, these games go beyond language because it cannot be negated that, of course, the best games are those that use the native tongue shared by a common group speaking the same language. Digital social games that are programmed in the players native language gets more nod from video game players than those that are feebly understandable for them.

There are games participated in by two or more players and that they are sometimes played remotely, integrating music, text and game plays that are commonly mutual within these enthusiasts. Known as social gaming, these types of video games seek to connect players by tagging them together to play the same game through a shared gaming network site or link. It gets even more entertaining to play when those engaged in this highly pleasurable digital activities start communicating with each other—sometimes in highly-octane jargon or a language endemic only to their circle. It can be quite fun to watch as these games–intended to heighten interaction among peers and other enthusiasts—reach to meet its purpose.

Translating social games into the native language of its target audience is a trend that most translation agencies are now becoming to adopt, foreseeing it with greater demand in the next few years. Not only do they give game publishers the localization criterion for these brands but also contribute in unifying other players around the world in its effort to globalize the digital gaming industry. In other words, so much are the efforts taken into by publishers, gamers and translation providers in reaching more audience through a bigger market.

Players of video games indeed have innumerable reasons to be grateful for the translation of these social games. Transmitting these games into their native language is not a measly job that could pass for a mere gratification shot that most of these video game enthusiasts receive after playing. It involves the translation of text, music (to adapt to a particular group in a particular market in a specific region or country), game plays and programs, as well as tone and appeal. There will be more changes up ahead; the social gaming industry will soon be the next big thing. Digiworld, in a game summit presentation in 2013 revealed that social games will account for nearly 50% of the video game market.

There is indeed more to these games that we thought.

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