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Quick history of the Nordic languages

Quick history of the Nordic languages

Some people may not know which exactly are the Nordic languages and how they developed in time. Here are some quick facts you should be aware of.

The Nordic Languages

The Nordic languages, mainly called “North Germanic languages” are just one of the three Germanic languages namely the West, East, and the North. This language group refers to the Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Faroese, and Icelandic languages which are now being used in different countries in the world. Although there have been variations as the time comes, people who speak each of these languages can still understand those people from other countries since they all hail from the same origin. These languages are closely related with each other since in history, they are part of a larger group which is why this belongs to a subfamily of the Indo-European languages.

Oldest evidences of the Germanic languages can be traced back from AD 200 to 600 carved in olden alphabets, but it has then expanded throughout the years which is why there are now variations of the said languages at the present. These languages have dialectal differences which made it hard to distinguish which language is used but now, with all the researches in the history of the Germanic languages, it is now known which language is which, and also the diversity of these Nordic languages has been acknowledged.

Nordic languages have been separated into different variations since 1,000 years ago which is why some pronunciation, diphthongs, and other grammar rules have been differentiated such as minor changes in spelling and accents but when people from these countries talk, they can still be able to understand the words used and the context of the conversation. It is also a good thing because people from these countries can also understand another language other than theirs, so it is not very much difficult for them to understand other languages that are relatively closer to them because these are all part of the Nordic languages.

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