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3 Ways to Cut Down Translation Costs

3 Ways to Cut Down Translation Costs

The translation costs are a great concern for so many companies and personalities across the globe. This is easy to understand considering the economic adversities and every company or personalities are expecting the most out of their limited budget. The good news is that you can now cut down the cost of translation without compromising the quality of the work. Here are 3 ways to save some money next time you need translation services.

3 steps to lower down translation costs

Use the same translation company every time

Choosing a suitable translation company is truly essential if you want high quality translations at a lower cost. If you use the same translation company every time you need translation there are some advantages like knowing the translators and the project managers. You can also be sure that if there will be issues with the translation, you have a direct contact with the people which provided you the translation and due to being a repeated customer, they will act in solving your issues faster. Need to re-open a project to add or modify your documents? If you’re a returning customer, the whole process will be much faster. You may also get discounts or you could use translation memory, thus cutting down translation costs.

Make sure you only translate what is needed

There could be entire paragraphs of text that you may not need translated and reviewing your content before sending it to the translator is a great idea. It could cut down translation costs but could also help at spotting errors, thus not having to re-open the project to have them corrected. A document or a suite of documents may have repetitive content which you only need to translate once if at all.

Use translation memory whenever you can

Using CAT tools doesn’t mean you’ll have your translation done by a machine. It only means that you could cut down translation costs by having the help of a tool to use past translations into new projects. While the quality remains the same, the costs will be smaller. Using CAT tools in translating large documents is always a great idea.

Interested in using translation memory or in finding other ways you could cut down costs? Get in touch with one of our project managers and ask, they will be able to provide you with a quote you won’t be able to get elsewhere.

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