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4 steps to cut down costs for English to Danish translation

4 steps to cut down costs for English to Danish translation

Stay in your translation budget when preparing your document for English to Danish translation services. There are several ways to cut down costs to make your document an affordable translation, both on your end as the consumer, as well as your translation service.

Follow these steps to cut down costs for English to Danish translation:

Edit your document. Make sure to edit your document for phrases that will not serve your message any purpose. Take out misspellings, jargon, abbreviations, and slang. If you can, try to stay within a certain word count to keep your content in check.

Ask someone to proofread the communication. After reviewing and editing and rewriting and editing again, the words on your document will begin to blur together. It’s a good idea to get a fresh pair of eyes on your document to make sure it is 100% before submitting to your English to Danish translation service.

Create a translation glossary for reference. If there are certain phrases that your company can use on a later date, file it away! Create a spreadsheet, a Word document, or create a filing system where you will have the English phrase with its parallel Danish counterpart for quick reference. Never translate the same phrases over and over again.

Talk to the professionals about affordable translations. Sometimes, certain phrases that are appropriate in English will not translate properly to Danish. Ask the professionals about an affordable translation that will convey the message you are trying to get to your target audience. Often, the translators you work with will have access to translation technologies that find quick translations for what you need, at a more affordable price.

You can get affordable translations with a little due diligence on your part, and open communication with your translation service. Do you have questions about how to keep your costs down for English to Danish translation services? Drop a comment below and ask the professionals.

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