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Why German translation agencies charge so much?

Why German translation agencies charge so much?

German translation agencies charge surprisingly high prices. The language’s rates per word are really high and they are also very uneven. No Borders Translations is not the only one worried about the matter. The Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer e.V. (BDÜ); Germany’s Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators also published a research on the matter in 2016. They conducted a survey that focused on pricing evaluation of one thousand translators, covering thirty-five language pairs.

Why German Translation Agencies charge higher rates

The study focused on German with various other languages as pairs and had some interesting results;

language pairs

The Language Pairs

The pairs of languages have a consistent rate across the system. If you are working with German and French language pair then the rate will remain consistent throughout various translation agencies. While if you change the language pair, the rates will change as well.

Our Deduction

We didn’t go into much detail on the matter in this post because we wanted to discuss a complex and recurring phenomenon for translators in this post. Let’s get into it.

The relationship between the source and target language

When a translator is to translate between two foreign languages such as German and Norwegian; he is expected to know both languages. This means that the commonness of the target as well as original language will become a factor. Many people learn French in school and become native speakers in time. They will not have a hard time translating French into their native language and there will be many French to German translation agencies to avail.

The German language

The German language is learned frequently by students who want to study in Germany. As these individuals come from all over the world, the language pair pool for German and languages all around the world become an arbitrary but rich list of clients.

Of course, not all of these individuals are fluent German speakers, nor are all of the professional translators. But they are good enough for everyday interpreting more often than not.

the German language

One Idea

No Borders Translations is here with a proposition, that the second language in the translation pair will decide the rates per word. If you are working with common European languages, you will get lighter rates per word. If you want a Yugoslavian to German language pair then God blesses your soul. You need a lot more muscle than your usual translation charges.

Perhaps the solution lies in looking into the matter from the other way. If you find yourself in need of a translator who can translate between Nigerian and German, then maybe you should look into Nigerian translation agencies that are offering German translation services. They will have a better set up for Nigerian language anyways. And as you are looking up the best agency in the system, they will be happy to accommodate you in terms of strength in German language as well.

While German translation agencies are great professionals providing quality services, they tend to charge higher rates. No Borders Translations provides accurate language translation services from and into German at lower rates. Call now to get a quote!

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