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4 Simple Ways to Save On Your Translation Budget

4 Simple Ways to Save On Your Translation Budget

Translation services are some of the most needed services for any global business as it is the key service that can assure proper communication between business partners who don’t share a common language. Still, due to the never-ending recession, the translation budget of any company has been cut in half and therefore, business owners need to struggle to get their documents translated at the lowest possible prices.

While cutting translation expenses is never a good idea as this may have deep negative effects on your business, trying to get affordable translation services is quite normal. The world may be recovering slightly from the effects of recession but that doesn’t mean you’re ready to jump into spending huge amounts of cash when you could spend less on the same service. You never know when there will be a problem again and let’s be honest; you all want to save a little extra cash here and there.

It is actually very simple to save some of your translation budget; here are a few things to consider.

Tips to Save on Your Translation Budget

Read Through Your Document Carefully For Complicated Wording

Professional translation services can usually handle most things that are thrown at them but the time it takes to translate overly complicated or worded sentences can rack up the miles. Really, translators may know perfect German but it’s very difficult to translate words that don’t actually have a meaning in German. One of the best ways to save on translation is to keep everything simple – keep to short sentences and use simple key phrases too – it works out so much better.

Don’t Repeat Yourself Twice

If you’re dealing with business documents, whether it’s a contract, newsletter or anything else, you tend to be a little zealous. Basically you end up talking about the same subject twice and it is not necessary. Translation services are getting paid for translating the same thing over again and that is a huge waste of time and of course money.

Only Translate the Finished Product

Crazy as it might seem but there are a lot of people who send the first draft of a business document to the translator only to then change half the content. This means you’re getting charged twice for nothing and that is a waste of good money. Translation can be very inexpensive as long as you only send the final draft to be translated otherwise, you’ll continue to waste money.

Translation Services Can Charge More for Last Minute Requirements

Waiting until the day before an important meeting to get your documents translated is a big problem. You may be charged a lot more for last-minute services because it means the translator must work overtime to get the work finished in the allotted time. Some services can charge more and it’s not what you want. Also, if you don’t specify your instructions out clearly then it could add more delays.

Saving Your Translation Budget Can Be Simple

No one has a huge amount of cash to spend on translation costs and if you choose not to use professional services then it’s going to be a big pain. You could find yourself spending more and it won’t be worth it. Instead, why not opt for affordable, yet professional translation services NBT has to offer?

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