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Top Ways of Cost-Effective English to Dutch Translation

Top Ways of Cost-Effective English to Dutch Translation

Tips to help with your English to Dutch Translation in a cost effective way.

Before addressing a translation company for your document translation needs there are some easy steps you could take in order to cut down costs for your English to Dutch translation.

Take a glance at the whole document and check if everything needs to be translated. It is possible that you do not need everything to be translated. For example, a website might have several press releases that do not require translation. As translators charge per word, you can reduce your word count to save costs. You can also replace any text with diagrams, pictures, or images to save the words for translation and reduce your costs this way.

Look for any large chunk of text, which might be repeated in the document. You can highlight the repeated part and ask the translator to leave their translation. Later you can use their single time translation to replace the others. However, there are two very important things to keep in mind while doing this.

First, you should be very much sure that the text is 100% identical and that there are no dissimilarities in it. Secondly, this technique is implied only on large chunks of text such as paragraphs, some independent unit of text, or a list of separate items. The same word can be used several times in English, but it might require different handling in translation considering the grammar, style, or context. Do not attempt to join words like puzzle pieces, or you will get a very strange result and the real meaning might be lost.

Freelance translators are sometimes cheaper than translation agencies. Therefore, if you have enough time to search and hire a good freelance translator at a reasonable price and manage your English to Dutch Translation, then this can save you some money.

You can always ask for a discount for:

–         Long documents for translation

–         Too many repeated texts

–         Faster payment for translation

If there are several small documents that need English to Dutch Translation, you can combine them all and send them all together as a project for translation. This way you can avoid the high costs some charge for small translations.

If you are paying someone in another country, check for the probable bank charges or transaction fees beforehand agreeing on any payment method. You should clearly discuss the pricing with your English to Dutch translation services and put in writing before hiring to avoid any misunderstanding later on.

Make sure to update your document before handing it over to the translator, because if you make any changes later on, it will add up to your cost and time as well. Lastly, you should always plan your English to Dutch translation needs by giving it more time before translating, to avoid any last minute emergency solutions, which might affect your document and your wallet.

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