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Translation costs are up to you

Translation costs are up to you

Translation costs

Some translation costs can appear very high, even when working with a company with the best fees out there like us.

But, believe it or not the cost of translations can be managed at the first step, the moment of creating the source text. When the source text is to be translated in many different languages being attentive with the source text can lower translation costs immensely.

Planning is very important. It helps keep track of the project and the timeline. And we are here to give you some helpful advice that can be incorporated in that plan.

  •      – Eliminate unnecessary details, translations are charged by the word so reducing the number of words can bring costs down.
  •      – Use pictures or diagrams whenever possible. They are usually more descriptive and easier to follow then text, plus, they do not require translation.
  •      – Make the document editable. Conversion costs can be so easily avoided when the text is sent in an easy to edit format.
  •      – Choose a professional translation company. We are able to give you a quote in a reasonable amount of time; we deliver on time and we can advise you on Translation Memory, find out what is best for you.

A) Working with the same translation agency can lower your translation costs, you will be first on the list, communication with the project manager is efficient since the relationship is already built and you already know the level of quality.

B) Another important factor for lowering translation costs is the prices of the agency you choose to work with. No Borders Translations has the most competitive pricing scheme available.

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