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Easy Way to Count Words in Your Documents or Website

Easy Way to Count Words in Your Documents or Website

If you need to translate a file and you’re looking for a quote, it’s a lot easier if you can count words in your documents, so when asking for a quote you won’t need to send your document to every translation agency. When you learn to write a document through Microsoft Word, you will come across a lot of helpful and useful features. The spell check, find and replace keyword option, grammar help, and others can make the word processing software famous and it will conform to the standard at home or at the office.  There is a basic function of the feature and that is the capacity to check the word count. This is important when you are given a guideline or requirement by the client to write in a limited word count. There are simple ways to count words in Microsoft Word, since there is a word counter provided.

Ways to count words in any documents

How about when you have a pdf file, or any other type of file which contains text and you need to count the words? Until a while ago, there was no easy solution for this. That is why our programming team has created our website and file word counter.

Our word count tool is really easy to use and perfectly safe. If you need to count words in a document, all you have to do is upload your document and add your email address, then click the button. Our tool will count the words and send you an email with the result. No, we won’t be able to see your document, so it’s perfectly safe and private.

If you want to use the website word count tool, all you have to do is add a link to your website, your email address and click the send button. Our script will crawl every page of your website, count the words in the text and send you a report containing all your site’s pages and word count for each of them. The tool is smart enough so it won’t count html, css or java code, only text which is being shown to human visitors of your site.

Now that you’ve read all the above and found the quick solution to count words in any document or website, are you going to use it? Give it a try!

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