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What is Desktop Publishing and why is it important

What is Desktop Publishing and why is it important

DTP refers to Desktop Publishing. It involves the design and the layout of text and graphics. It’s typically associated to printed documents, but it can also be relevant for digital content. The job of a Desktop Publishing professional is to adjust the translated content so as to make it look identical to the source file or original document.

When is Desktop Publishing needed

Here are some cases when Desktop Publishing is really necessary when translating documents:

  • Each language has a different structure. Thus, the space required to cover the whole text might vary from language to language. For example, when a text is translated from English to German, the German version could be up to 30% longer. Thus, the translated text might no longer appropriately fit in the dialogues, layout, and images of your document or brochure. The overall layout then has to be fixed and resized.
  • Design changes include adjusting the picture size, altering the document layout, and so on. It’s best if you leave a lot of white space in your original document before having it translated to give way to possible changes after the translation phase. Consider this when crafting your template or design.
  • Some typefaces do not support the characters being used in other languages. You should choose an experienced translator or translation firm that knows how to use the right fonts for your translation needs.
  • It also has to be noted that there are particular languages that readily require DTP. For example, in Arabic translation, it’s really a must to integrate DTP since the language is inherently written from right to left. On the other hand, some Asian languages are written top to bottom. DTP is required to ensure that things look good after the translation is complete.
  • Asian languages need special fonts. Thus, expert help is really a must.

Don’t be surprised if your translation service provider asks you to acquire DTP services on top of the actual content translation. DTP is necessary to guarantee a polished document that is worth publishing.

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