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Translation Memory as an Important Element for Clients and Translators

Translation Memory as an Important Element for Clients and Translators

Translation memory is one of the tools that makes translations go faster when it comes to less used terms.

Tracing the language environment from where linguists and language experts thrive, we can find a diverse set of tools and means with how language is made more meaningful and adapted to a greater number of audiences that goes in many parts of the world. These tools enable the proliferation of letters and words into not just mere symbols of communication but also as agents of transformation that catapults change and renewal within one’s self and the world in a bigger milieu. Such are the importance of these tools that many experts have devised ways on how to better use these words into a decipherable sequence of symbols that can altogether make tremendous amount of influence to many people regardless which part of the world they may be in.

Tools such as dictionaries, glossaries and other text conversion means are effective ways in understanding the lexical world that somehow controls the way we communicate with peers, family members, or any other individual or group of people we may randomly encounter. Such tools enable us to grasp and understand words deeply – words that we use to communicate with each other. However, another important means by which these tools become more effective and meaningful is the process of language translation.

Translation has been in existence long before we learned to discover and invent things to connect with one another. Through language translation, diplomacy and nation building was enhanced. In the same way that language translation was effective in connecting people, translation was also used to conquer and maneuver countries and empires in the past. Certainly, language translation has grown a long list of historical records that make it a fundamental institution in nation building and unity among countries.

Translation memory

Within language translation, tools are used to make these words more efficient. One important tool is translation memory. This memory tool is comparable to a giant compendium of words and terms that is used in a translation process. It holds vast numbers of terminologies and nomenclatures that are used in the conversion of one language into another.

Translation memory holds much importance for both clients and translators because it defines success in a translation project. Accuracy is ensured with the help of such memory tools. When a translator works on a project, he would religiously check this translation memory to make sure that the structure and context of the translated material is accurate and precise. We know for certain how one mistranslated word can go a long way in negatively affecting the entire translation project.

For clients, they are guaranteed that the outcome of the project is a success. Accuracy is given a much deserved emphasis, and the quality is taken to a notch higher. If you think about it, is it not quality and accuracy that drive the fundamental element of language? For when a language is loosely anchored on quality and accuracy, it creates a gap – large enough for ambiguity to take root – that language may soon self-destruct into obscurity.

So much is the importance of translation memory for translators and other linguists that they regard it with almost fanatic fashion. This is what keeps them on their job, the very bloodline of their craft, the very fiber from which excellent translation project is derived from.

A positive interactive tool is what translation memory is. It keeps the translation process intact and coherent, consistent with quality and accuracy, and validates the importance of language translation in this fast-paced world that we have.

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