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Translation Memories and the Benefits for the Clients

Translation Memories and the Benefits for the Clients

Translation memories are one of the most discussed topics that come up during the initial call or meeting with your client. TM allows the translator to produce best quality translations that are needed by various companies to efficiently communicate globally. Without translations today, you are sure to lose a huge part of your selling volume.

Definition of Translation Memories

translation memories

What is TM actually about?

So what actually are translation memories? Translation memory is a linguistic database to store segments that have been translated before in order to help the translators. It helps in keeping translation costs down. It also produces quicker turnaround times for different projects. Above all, it maintains quality and consistency from the beginning till the end.

When you are working within a native application, the files are created in such a format that they are easy to understand and the translator translates line by line within TM tool. Whether you are looking for companies for first-time translation or have built a TM already, there are three main benefits of translation memories you need to know about.

Economical costs over time

TM surely will reduce a lot of your time and money. For example, just think how you write about your company. You will catch some consistency within your content, such as repeated phrases and sentences on web pages. As translation memory keeps the track of what previously has been translated, it will surely decrease time and cost on translations in future.

It also determines the percentage of match in each segment so that you can make use of the previous translation for future use. In order to determine that, translation memories are divided into different categories named as:

  • 100% match
  • Context matches
  • Repetitions
  • Fuzzy matches

The close the match is, the lesser the cost you have to pay.


reduce costs

Quick turnaround time

As you will continue to add more and more in the translation memory over time, the translator’s task will be reduced day by day. Thus, a lot of time will be saved while conducting your future projects.

For instance, if you own a company that needs to translate a new version of your web page, there will surely be some segments in memory that can be recycled and used again. Same is the case for businesses with different natures. If you consider an online shopping site, you will surely find a part of your content that can be used again.

High-quality translations: never miss a segment

It is not only necessary for your business but also for the translation company as the translators making use of it also need it. They go through the files well to translate them accordingly. As the translators receive heavy projects, translation memories ensure that each word of the project is translated and in result it helps getting the best quality translations.

This technology will sure help you maintain the consistency, reduce costs and save a reasonable amount of time. In result, it will ensure the success of your business.

Using technology in translation is a common thing nowadays and while translation memories are not machine translation, some people may get confused. This articles tries to overcome such confusions.

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