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English Translator – A Guide to Produce High Quality Translations

English Translator – A Guide to Produce High Quality Translations

English Translator

If you want to be a good English translator, there are some things for you to know. Let’s revise ten of them. Of course, it is up to you whether you will accept that or not.  Here are some tips for providing High Quality Translation Services.

First, become an expert English translator. You will achieve that by having someone help you improve. Attend classes and take the comments of your professor into account. Try to find a professional colleague translator and offer him to pay for his evaluation of your work. Find out if your work was good. Start from here.

Learn to like paperwork.  When you hate it, you will also hate this profession. Your job as an English translator also includes taxes, management, accounting, and a lot of economy work. You are constantly on the move and deal with lots of paperwork. It is also possible for you to share this work with your colleagues, but it is not recommended to do that at the very beginning. In addition to this, your organization must be perfect (both printed and electronic data). If someone requires some data from last June, you need to have it ready.

Good computer skills are essential. Do not rely on your friends, family, or colleagues. Your clients will expect perfectly typed and formatted files according to their instructions. If you own a Mac, it is up to you to find out how to convert PC documents. It is not your clients’ concern. You have to manage that on your own, since you cannot ask for IT help; and forget about excuses for not finishing work on time. It is not your client’s fault if your antivirus system was down. If you want to be a professional, do your job as needed.

Reliability is everything. People do stupid things, which we all know. So, once you create your deadline for work, do not complain about missing it because your cat was ill or you had to take someone to the hospital. These reasons are justified, but you still did not accomplish your duty.

Accept the comments. Many clients will not inform you that they are not satisfied with your work. They will just stop contacting you, and they will probably inform their contacts that your work was not satisfactory. It is very rare that someone comments on your work, so be realistic: consider it as a great chance to correct your mistakes and improve your knowledge.

You should be aware of irregular finances. Do not fool yourself that you will make loads of money after your first offer appears. It will take you 6 to 12 months to make it. It is possible that you will not earn a single penny in the first six months; and sometimes, one month you will fall apart doing work, and the next month you will have very little work to do. These are the consequences of working on your own as an English translator. If you are not sure you can handle it, do not start your own business.  If you are good in Dutch, you can contact a top notch Dutch Translation Agency.

In this kind of business, you win or you lose; every English translator has passed through this phase, so have we. It is not easy. If you think this job will beat you out, you had better find some work from home. As with other professions, no one guarantees a perfect job. Even the best degrees from the highest-rated universities do not guarantee a good job to their clients (it applies to other professions as well: dentistry, law, real estate, etc.)

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