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Do Translators Need Training in the Field They Translate In?

Do Translators Need Training in the Field They Translate In?

Do Translators Need Training?

When most clients search for translation partners, they do so by checking not only the agency’s track record of credibility and dependability but also their translators’ qualifications. In most cases, they do business with the same translator or team that has worked with them in previous language projects. It is common in the industry of language translation to emphasize linguist qualifications that help determine success and longevity in the business.

To become a language expert, a degree from a university may be a requisite for these translation companies. Although for some agencies, they require more than a college diploma to land a spot in their roster of translators. It does not necessarily follow, though, that a degree in linguistics or foreign language can guarantee a translator to succeed in this career path. It can be a great advantage, especially when coupled with the right attitude and skills. There are translators who have landed jobs in the translation field through another route which may have, alternately, given them their skills and expertise in speaking and writing a language other than their mother tongue.

Translators, who are mostly employed on the basis of their bilingualism or multilingual skills, are much needed in this era where businesses and communication have been globalized at such fast-paced manner. The way people do business in local markets and in the global economy have challenged the way linguists—translators and interpreters—equip themselves with the qualities to become more productive, effective and credible. It cannot be denied that these linguists have elevated standards and norms in the industry which would have remained in status quo otherwise. If linguists want to stand out in their respective niche, several opportunities made available for them have simply to be taken advantage of. A particularity of these opportunities pertains to training.

Yes, linguists need training and skills development programs to help them better perform their job. It can be quite unacceptable—given how wide and variable the terrain of the language industry is – not to be armed with the pertinent qualifications that would highlight and validate linguistic skills. What truly defines a language expert is his ability to translate texts into several languages, and how accurate his translations are. To do this, certain skills may be needed to deliver at par results. Or, perhaps even more than a specialized training may be mandatory for these linguists.

Translation is in itself a specialized field of linguistics. Necessary to obtain entry in the translation business is language skills. To further boost career and growth opportunity, specialized training and programs directed to hone current capabilities and increase knowledge and style may prove helpful for both budding and experienced linguists. The question though is: Do these training programs have to be in the field they are translating in? The answer may vary. Although not a resounding affirmative, a majority of the translator statistics would agree that training in the field they are translating in is an advantageous move in terms of career and growth. What with the current trends in translation today, it is a definite action to acquire related training in their specific field of translation work. Others would probably reason that you can always get the training you need when the job is already given to you – sort of like crossing the bridge when you get there. It is a risky attitude to have though.

Of course, it pays much to be always prepared for whatever job is given to you. Translators simply have to be trained and experienced in the field they are translating in. It makes the job easier to handle, not to include bigger points for accuracy and quality. And getting the right tools and equipment is a sure way to make a mark in whatever industry you may belong.


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