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English to Dutch Translator Career Opportunities

English to Dutch Translator Career Opportunities

English to Dutch Translator

Unlike translation, interpreting needs immediate fluency (very often) to orally transfer messages from one language to another. When you interpret, there is no time for thinking. You have to be prepared and concentrated to respond immediately, without stopping. That is why interpreters are usually in stressed situations, unlike translators, whose situation is not that dramatic.

Because of its nature, a Dutch Translator has enough time to think about the most suitable phrase or sentence of the matter he translates. Depending on the duration of a certain translation, it can take anywhere from minutes to several days or weeks. True professionals in the field of Document Translation share love and talent for both types of profession. There are three forms of translating and interpreting structures:

  • Full-time employee with a big company or organization.
  • Agreement with translation companies and translation centers.
  • Independent part-time translator.

Full-time Dutch translator

A full-time job for translators usually refers to organizations such as NBT and their other branches, or some international companies globally developed. Both translators and interpreters who work for these organization own faculty degrees with language majors, post-graduate qualifications, and/or military service. The rules for selection are very strict, and candidates undergo several tests before they are hired.

Agreement with Document Translation Services

Nowadays, there are many new emerging translations and interpreting companies. Some of them provide services for many languages, some for just a few, or even a pair. Their residence can be anywhere in the world; many of them are currently situated in the Middle East and India. These companies sometimes ask for tenders from translators in order to choose the bidder with the lowest offer. The older companies, the more experience ones, will pay even the highest price to their contractor, and if the work is of a great quality, the reward will be repeated cooperation.

Part-time Dutch translator

An independent part-time translator can start his/her own business at the lowest possible expense. It is important that they have approved qualifications (at least, an accepted accreditation from a national body). You just need to enter a business name, send several inquiries to bigger companies, and sign up to some internet websites, such as NBT offering Professional Translation For Dutch.

For better business, it is recommended to create your own website from which you will set up business. It represents your booklet and your virtual shop, where you sell your services and make the best offers and prices. Web sites that do not reveal their prices (at least for easy jobs) create suspicion. Requesting your customers to send you their documents for evaluation is something that your potential client may not accept; therefore, you will lose your job.  It is easy to find a professional Dutch translator at big translation agencies that can offer the best deal for you .

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