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How to Handle Large Translation Projects

How to Handle Large Translation Projects

In terms of handling large translation projects you must set a goal to finish everything within the due date. Big projects have some economies of scale; there will be one invoice, one client, one glossary and others. On the other hand, if there will be more word count, there will also be a higher probability that a client sticker shock, this is regardless of the per word count rate basis.

Things to keep in mind when accepting large translation projects

The deadlines must be short. The deadline may be far, but be sure you set a short term goal, this way you will be working towards completing the project in a steady manner. It will be easier to slow fall behind the deadline upon knowing that it is still far.

Agree on a word count first before starting and accepting an order upfront. Those with regular clients do not ask for order upfront anymore, which is not a good practice. Translators normally charge 15% for large translation projects; this is particularly for Italian to English translation services. But it normally happens that when you do not ask for an order upfront, you might be paid by the number of word count only.

Make advance payment arrangements. If the large translation projects will take months to complete be sure you ask for the payment arrangement ahead of time. It will be best to ask the client if they will agree to divide the project cost, so you can send an invoice by the end of every month.  This will be an advantage for you, because you will not wait longer to get the initial payment.

Let your client know that you cannot work flat on a particular project over time. This is reasonable for large translation projects. It is advisable to factor an additional time for you to be able to accept smaller jobs as well. You must not turn down past client is the number 1 reason is that you can also refresh your mind with fewer jobs, so when you get back to the bulk work, you are ready.

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