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Working As a Freelance Translator for Translation Agencies

Working As a Freelance Translator for Translation Agencies

Freelance Translator

Working as a freelance translator for a Language Translation Agency may not be easy to achieve. Most of these companies require a language degree and years of experience in the translation business. It has been a cruel business for beginners.  Think that a beginner cannot access the industry without the experience.  The cycle goes on and it has become so popular that many people go into the business. When professional translators go on holidays and are doing some rush jobs, this will be the time that you, as a freelancer will be able to take advantage of the situation.

Checking would be the first thing you should do before applying as a freelance translator. You should check the reputation of the agency you are about to deal with. It is wise that you search the internet for their website.  A reputable agency should be known for their credits. Use the email addresses that are posted on their websites. The contact number that is also posted there should have someone to answer.  If not, then it may not be advisable to be associated with them.  However, there are of course exceptions.

Have your files ready; make sure they are accessible when needed for High Quality Translation.  If ever the file is sent via email, ensure the sender that you have received the file by sending back a confirmation of receipt. The message sometimes could be an inquiry, so you should wait for the cue before doing your freelance translator thing.

Upon opening the file, check it for word count. Do not forget to communicate your issues regarding payments before accepting the job.  Your rate should be standard.  It is unethical to ask for a raise during or after the task unless, of course, you know what you are capable of doing. Generally, these translation agencies advertise themselves for attracting clients in the market.

An error could be visible in the file, but do not assume that it should not be a bother for you. Clients must be notified regarding this. Avoid translation jobs with deadlines that are not possible. You may be caught in a dilemma if an uncontrollable circumstance may arise.

Make sure you inform your translation agency if you are not available for the job. Missing the deadline could be the most awful thing that could happen to a freelance translator but still, you are the only person to blame. Be ready for situations like this. As a professional translator, you are expected to deliver the perfect job.  You should proofread and edit before delivering to the client.

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