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Video Game Translation Is In Its Peak

Video Game Translation Is In Its Peak

Playing games have become so popular around the world that more and more consumers want to play them in their own language. The increasing popularity of Japanese cartoons and video games opens a new business for translation. A Japanese video game translation has become a necessity among games distributors who want to promote themselves wisely.

The video game industry creates, promotes and sells video games. The version that is localized needs to provide the same experience to the consumer as the original version. When the game is poorly translated, target consumers get irritated, and that can completely ruin the new version sale around the world.

People of all ages play video games, so in order to enjoy them, the games must be properly translated and localized to suit each culture. Therefore, there is an increase of another demand, which is video game software translation and localization, and game creators realize how important it is.

Video game translation services

How the game will be translated depends mostly on the ability of a video game translation company. The creators should use the services of native speaking professionals. They will get a feel for the aspects in the most suitable way. Creators should also make sure they use translators with proper qualifications and experience in video game translations, because they need to translate both videos and texts correctly to match the content of the game. They also need to possess technical knowledge and to understand the video game’s terminology (platforms, consoles, etc). A professional IT team is necessary, and it consists of software professionals who know any platform, such as Mac, PC, Xbox, Nintendo, etc. They need to know CAT tools TMT tools, and recognize various formats such as source and database files, and make sure that these files will be converted into the client’s required format. These professionals must have Quality Department that will perform detailed control thus guaranteeing the quality.

The primary features of video game translation services are:

Linguistic localization – package, description, instructions, tutorials, hardware and software descriptions, titles and texts in games;

Software localization, animation, website, and scripts;

Graphic, audio, and video localization for the full experience of playing games, the creators must make sure that the quality of translation and localization reaches the highest standards.

No Borders Translations offers estimates for video game translation services. We provide high quality of translation that will help creators break through the global market. The gaming industry is in its prosperity now. The fast growing number of international markets increases the need for expert translators .

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