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Why the English language is needed for your blog

Why the English language is needed for your blog

Common among all blogs or websites is that they become global at the moment of uploading on the World Wide Web and anyone can access them from anywhere in the world. The English language play a significant role in a blog’s success. If your blog is not in English, you may want to use website translation services in order for your site to reach a larger audience.

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What it takes to have a successful blog?

A blog is a site that express someone’s view, thoughts and analysis and is usually done for a hobby. The content is read by followers who are willing to accept that individual’s personal opinion and attitude. Today there are many blogs that are successful, but there are a lot more who have failed because of their inappropriate content, or they are offensive to a particular group of people or they spread false information and are forcibly closed.

An example of a blog that has even ended in court and caused disturbance in Asia, was the blog of the so-called “prophet of doom” blogger in South Korea. Through his anonymous postings, he gave remarks on the global financial market under the pseudonym “Minerva”.

On the other hand, there is a success story of affirmation through a blog called Mashable. As a blog site started in 2005 by Scot Peter Cashmore it has now become one of the top websites in the world.

Matt Cutts, who headed the Google Web Spam Team has many followers on his blog, but it is not always a high position in a well acknowledged company that attracts a lot of people, most often, the quality of the content is the key to as many visitors.

The English language and its importance

It is currently considered that the English language is spoken by a quarter of the world’s population, and 94% have it as a second language. Such a situation justifies the emergence of the question of whether English is the most widely used international language of blogs or is it some other language? Some European blogs have decided to pass a uniform parallel announcement on their blog in their native language and also in English. This solution seems logical if the blogger is practically bilingual, but what about bloggers that speak only their native language and have no knowledge of another language? Or bloggers who can translate their content in other languages ​​and have adequate knowledge, but do not have enough time to translate their content?

On the internet, there are many free translation tools such as Babel Fish and the well-known Google Translate. The problem with this kind of translation is that they cannot produce an entirely grammatically correct and accurate translation. Each blog is public content that appeals to a broad population and must be translated into the English language perfectly, but machine translation cannot provide it and it is desirable to use only manual human translation.

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The options in website translation

Translation plugins are available and can help for most of the common blogging CMSs such as WordPress. When a plugin is downloaded, it generates a series of national flag icons and when a user clicks the plugin, it automatically translates the blog content to the desired language.

The question remains of whether the blogger will still prefer machine translation or not. There is always the option for pre-machine translations to be routed over by paid translation and proofreading the blog content. This way, all errors can be eliminated by the proofreader.

This version costs much less than classic translation of the source text by an independent translator or translation company, but it may still lead to mistakes.

No matter of your choice, having your blog translated to the English language comes with a lot of benefits and additional traffic.

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