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Who can Provide Professional Translation and What Other Options are There

Who can Provide Professional Translation and What Other Options are There

People always tend to go with the cheapest service they find, however, cheap doesn’t always mean quality. Getting the cheapest product or service may not provide you with what you really want.

When it comes to professional translation, there is actually one way to go which is to use the services of a translation agency such as NBT. However, let’s look into possible alternatives and see if there are any other ways to get proper translation.

No translation at all

This one has to be the cheapest out there, but it is not really an option. Not using translation when dealing with foreign clients is a big mistake no one will afford to make.

Can you translate? Do it yourself

If you are proficient in writing and you have a deep understanding of the language and the culture involved, you could do the translation on your own. Unfortunately, most people don’t have the time to do it, and the result might not be a professional translation. If the translation is needed for business, it is not really an option.

Use machine translation

Let’s do a quick test using a highly known automated translation engine. I really like Japanese proverbs so I’ll use this one:


Using machine translation into English, we get:

“Knotweed eat insects matter of taste”

Now, let’s put this in and translate it back into Japanese:


Enough said. English version doesn’t make any sense and translating back to the original language we get the same gibberish. Can that be called professional translation?

Professional translation

The only way left is to go with a translation company. They will assign a native speaker to do the job, and the output will be high quality. So what are you going to do? Risk your image or get the right service for your professional translation needs?

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