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Is Website Localization a Must when Expanding Overseas?

Is Website Localization a Must when Expanding Overseas?

A professional translation service is needed these days, because a lot of companies are venturing into internationalization. If you have plans to expand your reach overseas, especially to countries that are non-English speakers, then you must hire a professional translation service. Using website localization services is crucial as your foreign audience should be able to read the content of your website in their language. This is important if you want to become successful in non-English speaking countries.  Business translation is somehow different from the usual translation and it is a must do business translation if you want your website to be localized.

The essence of website localization

There is a difference between localization and translation in a casual manner. This is because to venture overseas, you need to translate the tag lines, the manuals, the flyers and other marketing materials in another language as clearly as possible. Translation must go beyond the simple translation. It must go beyond the simple translation and you need to hire a company to do the website localization for you.  It is not about the language, but the culture of the market that you want to penetrate. One perfect example is Kentucky Fried Chicken during the time it entered into the China market. The original slogan of the famous fast food chain is Finger Lickin’ Good right?

Unluckily, the literal translation of this phrase in Chinese particularly in Mandarin is We Will Eat Your Fingers Off.  They are not the only company who committed mistakes in translating the slogan upon venturing to a non-English speaking country. HSBC on the other hand also had the same issue in the past when they use the slogan Assume Nothing, which other nations has translated as Do nothing. Next time you think of venturing into an overseas market, be sure you are serious in website localization and not just the casual translation of your slogan or website.

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