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What about Indian languages and their importance?

indian languages

What about Indian languages and their importance?

Languages are means of communication and also important instruments for development and growth of a country. India is the largest country in the world, with diverse ethnic and rich cultural heritage. As a result of this, a variety of Indian languages exist and are used throughout the country. Which of the Indian languages matter for
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translate my blog

Should I translate my blog into Nordic languages and why?

There is a story behind any blog on the internet. Some blogs started as a hobby, or to share their thoughts to anyone willing to read them. Some of the blogs are quickly forgotten, others succeed, creating web celebrities from the blog owners. However, the one thing all blogs have in common is that they’re
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Website Translation to Swedish

Why Is Website Translation to Swedish a Great Idea?

The Swedish market could offer you great perspectives, especially if your products and services have a wide target group. So, if you plant to expand your business, you should consider website translation to Swedish. If you plan to work with Swedish business partners, you are going to need regular translation to Swedish. Why Do I
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danish translation services are a must for companies expanding into the Nordic countries

3 reasons Why English to Danish Translation is a Must for Business

Nowadays, your business should be really flexible, so you should be ready to work with clients and partners from new countries and to expand your business into new markets. English to Danish translation will be a necessity for your company if you want to offer your products and services to the Danish users. This is
  • Posted by admin  Posted on 30 Apr  0 Comments
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bilingual speakers

Why Document Translation Cannot be Done by Any Bilingual Speakers?

When your company needs regular translations, you might consider using one of your bilingual speakers employees as a translator. However, this is not a good idea for regular translations, especially when dealing with the Nordic languages. Why not all bilingual speakers can be used to translate? For making a quality translation, it is not enough
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Translation from Dutch

Who is Qualified to Do Quality Translation from Dutch

Quality translation requires special skills and excellent training. Professional translators are able to organize the texts according to their function and to pay attention to the context. Thus, they provide the accurate translation which your company needs. So, if you have business contacts with Danish companies and clients, be sure to use high quality translation
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Software Localization

Software Localization – what it is, who can do it and its benefits

It is not usual nowadays for companies to develop software in English language only and it is no longer a primary choice nowadays.  You might claim that in the modern time, in the time of globalization everyone can easily communicate English, so the necessity to give products in another language is lessened. This is quite
  • Posted by admin  Posted on 16 Mar  0 Comments
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Nordic languages

Quick history of the Nordic languages

Some people may not know which exactly are the Nordic languages and how they developed in time. Here are some quick facts you should be aware of. The Nordic Languages The Nordic languages, mainly called “North Germanic languages” are just one of the three Germanic languages namely the West, East, and the North. This language
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translate Dutch into English

Top 3 reasons to translate Dutch into English

Translation tasks may really be hard to do, especially for those who do not have a clue how to do it accurately and quickly. You need to find a professional one so you can translate Dutch into English in high quality. These translators who have to do your work must be skilled and well- trained
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translation software

What are Translation Software Programs for?

What is a translation software? Boosting the performance of translation agencies through productivity and efficiency is a primordial concern in the business of linguistics. Systems and means with which translation processes are facilitated in an even and straightforward manner are all taken considerably to meet goals and client expectations. The age of globalization has created
  • translation software
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