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About Professional Translators, the People Behind Translations

professional translators

About Professional Translators, the People Behind Translations

Translation services aim to convert text from a specific language which is the source language into a different language or sometimes referred to as the target language. The people working on these translations are what you refer as professional translators. The latter may work on different projects such as technical, scientific, medical, legal documentation, educational
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translate legal documents

How Hard is it to Translate Legal Documents?

Legal phrasing if required translation needs the services of a professional knowledgeable in legal practices as well as legal terms.  It is so hard to translate legal documents, because they must be written in an accurate manner. By far, legal documents are among the hardest translation work to do. There are lots of things that
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human translation quality

Human Translation Quality vs. Machine Translation

There seems no reasonable conclusion of the long running debate regarding human translation quality vs. machine translation. As technology is improving day by day, things are getting better and better. The usage of translation tools, such as Bing translator, Google translator, etc. is increasing day by day and these are also getting smarter over time.
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Importance of the English language

The English language is everywhere, why translation services are important

The English language is one of the most spoken languages in the world. Right now, it is the 3rd most spoken language with a minimum of 330 million natives. Considering people who make use of it as a second language, it is the most spoken language in today’s world. The question is why is English
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translation review

Why Is An In Country Translation Review Important

An in-country translation review is a relevant step in the translation process that most often gets overlooked by clients as a significant piece of the project. Here are important points to help you with the answers to your questions about this particular step of the translation puzzle scheme. What Is an In-country Translation Review? This
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google translator usage

Google translator when to use it and when not to

Google Translator is a match for professional in the translation industry. It is can be freely accessed online, and it is fast and more reliable that most translation platforms on the internet. GT, has it is sometimes called, works differently from other online translation resources. It is powered by Google’s web crawler such that it
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Search Engine Optimization

How to do Search Engine Optimization in Other Languages

In addition to the revelation from Internet World Stat that more searches are done on Google with languages other than English, it is confirmed that people do not buy products from websites that doesn’t provide a review of products in their native dialect. Also, less than 30% of users of internet speak English. This is
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desktop publishing

What is Desktop Publishing and why is it important

DTP refers to Desktop Publishing. It involves the design and the layout of text and graphics. It’s typically associated to printed documents, but it can also be relevant for digital content. The job of a Desktop Publishing professional is to adjust the translated content so as to make it look identical to the source file
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translation memory

Translation Memory and Its Benefits for the Clients

Translation memory is one of the most discussed topics that come up during the initial call or meeting with your client. Translation memory allows the company to produce best quality results that are needed by different companies to communicate globally. Without it today, you are sure to lose a huge part of your selling volume.
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proofreading services

Why Proofreading Services Are Important in Translation

It is anything but difficult to surmise that playing out a decent translation is just a question of exchanging the source content into the objective content. Be that as it may, the fundamental need for proofreading services must not be disregarded. Why proofreading services are important? Deciphering, altering and editing are totally separate procedures. In
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