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Document Translation Services

Are you in possession of a very significant document that is written in a remote language and requires accurate yet affordable document translation services? Is the document incredibly important and the contents of the translation era-defining? Well, maybe not era-defining, but definitely of utmost significance to you. We are here to help you out at any time and you can rest assured that your translation will be done fast yet at the highest quality and you won’t have to pay premium for it.

Accurate document translation services at affordable rates

We are No Borders Translations, a translation company based in Europe. We have been providing document translation services for many decades and have seen the service evolve from a very pompous and expensive business to a light, speedy and much more credible enterprise. We can say that with confidence because we work very hard to ensure quality assurance and we fine-tune our system regularly and over and over again to make sure that no client complains appear and even if they do, they are quickly solved to the best of our abilities. We are focused on running our agency efficiently and providing you with the best translation services for any document you may have, from and into any language.

We only work with professional translators and language experts and our project managers assign translators to a task based on their experience in the field of the document. Our linguists only translate into their native language. This is done to ensure that the translation can withstand any and all scrutiny and will hold up in all governmental, corporate and legal offices. We ensure that the quality is thoroughly verified and cannot be questioned by any third party who is tasked with the review and evaluation of the document.

We translate any type of document, in any field. It doesn’t matter if your document is legal in nature a highly technical or a medical document, we surely have translators who are highly experienced in any field who can do the translation for you. We also accept business documents and we make sure your translation is perfectly adapted to your target market and culture.

No Borders Translations sports some of the best document translation services in Europe. We are here to relieve you from any and all translation problems that you may have. Come see us now!

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Professional Translators

professional translators

We hire professionally trained translators with years of experience in their field, who are well-known in the industry. We work with over 3.000 translators and we always assign translators to a task keeping its requirements in mind: only natives of your target language with experience in the field will be assigned to your project.

High Quality Translations

high quality translations

We make sure that the quality of our translation is as close to perfect as humanly possible by making sure that the translation is checked, and double checked for its meaning and accuracy. We have divided our process of translation between the initial translation, proofreading and the final quality analysis so there is no room for errors.

Fast Turnaround Time

fast turnaround time

We are serious about the time of our translators as well as our clients, and we know you need your translation as fast as possible. Using custom-made translation management software allows us to cut waiting times and enables us to provide fast, yet accurate document translation services at the lowest rates you can find in the European market.

We are available 24/7. Have questions, or need a free quote?

translation history

Short history of translation

The history of document translation is an interesting read and a great insight into how the translation of content has evolved over the many decades since the advent of the internet. The translation industry used to be an offline business and proper linguists were hard to find, especially for less known languages. Their services were also highly expensive because finding a translator was a hard task in itself, but also because they did not get that many jobs and preferred to get good pay for every job so that they could make ends meet.

Then the internet came into human society and the world realized that the future of business has evolved for good. No one could have foreseen the boost that businesses could get from the internet and many were surprised to find how much business could be gained from having an online presence.

Also, the communication between nations and civilizations became a frequent event and the world needed interpreters and translators for these meets and greets. This gave rise to a culture of accessing translators and interpreters much more frequently and with more seriousness, and a system that included the development of linguists and translators on a much serious scale than ever before in the history of all mankind. This system was most significantly taken up by the United Nations as well as the European Union and spread as a culture into all global governments. And eventually, it seeped its way into multinational boardrooms and from there, into major corporate offices. And so it gradually became a norm to keep an eye out for needs of translation because all the global communities need linguistic help in order to get their message across their borders.

Some years later, document translation services near me became the most frequent search in Google when someone needed to translate a document. We have yet to determine why people are still looking for close-by offices since they can get document translation services of the same quality yet at lowest rates from various companies on the internet.

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Professional translation services agency in Amsterdam

We are an ISO qualified translation agency in Amsterdam offering high quality, professional translation services in and from all languages of the European Union and from the most important non EU countries.

Our translation work is appropriate for any business and organization that needs to communicate successfully with an international audience, workforce or customer base. It is important to have a translator who has your company’s interest at heart. This is another reason that so many companies choose NBT translation services, because at our company, your business comes first.