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free online word count tool

Free online word count tool

No Borders Translations is a translation agency which makes sure that a person who lands on our website never gets confused. We work with transparency and that is the key to any successful business. It is very important to show to the client how everything works and how their work will be carried out. Our management is very efficient and helpful when it comes to our clients.

We make sure that if a potential customer comes to check our website and is not ready for a translation yet, realizing that they don’t know the word count of their document. We can do this for you. We can count the words of your document that you want to have translated. Along with this, the price quote can be provided right there along with the online word count tool report, for free.

Website word count tool

If you want to check the word count of a certain page of your website, there is space given below where you have to paste the URL of the website. Also in the space provided further below, you need to fill in your email address. Then a request is sent to our system and we get back to you with an email which includes the results of our website word count tool.

Our website word count tool is required when you want to translate or localize your website. If it is a business portal or profile or an online store or a blog, we can help you with everything. We can handle localization projects in a very professional manner with the best-specialized linguists. Also if you are looking for European languages specifically you will find NBT handling it the best for you. You can connect with us through live chat or email and we are at your service.

website word count tool
document word counter

Document word counter

We would like to explain how does our document word counter works. We are assuming that you need a translation on an urgent basis, of a document which you have not looked into carefully. Maybe you don’t know the word count of that particular document and you need to get a translation. Also as you don’t have any idea about the total number of words present in that document this means you don’t know how much you might have to pay for the translation services.

Same like the website word count tool, we also have a document word counter which helps you calculate the word count of your documents which might be unknown to you. All you need to do is drag and drop your files here and fill in your email address in the provided space. This will send you a report of your word count and along with it, you will also receive our free translation quote. Our online word count tool is quick just like it seems. It just takes a few minutes and you will receive your report through email.

Use our online word count tool for free below

Website word count tool

If you want to receive a report about the amount of words and the pages, fill in here your email address:

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Document word counter

If you want to receive a report with the amount of words and a quote for each file uploaded until now, fill in here your email address:

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translation tool

Some reasons to have your translation done with us

Why No Borders Translations

why No Borders Translations?

No Borders Translations holds an important position in the industry among the leading agencies who provide the client with translation services. We believe in our experience and we are proud to say that we are very prompt and we don’t waste your time nor ours. The moment the project comes in it is thoroughly analyzed and planned out. This is how we work and we are able to provide you with quality translations. Our clients are very precious to us and we try our best to keep them safe. Your documents are provided with full confidentiality and privacy. It is made sure that nobody has access to them other than the team who is working on it. Our online word count tool is also safe and secure to use by anyone, and it is only you who receives the report.

Quality Output and Short Deadlines

complexity of documents

We understand the complexity of any documents and projects and we believe that work needs to be done in accordance with the requirements set by the client. We try to sum up all the tasks with full concentration and best quality translations within the time limit. We only select translators who are natives of your target language and have deep knowledge in the field to work on your projects. We try to provide the shortest deadlines and we follow those deadlines strictly and that makes us who we are. We not only deal with the clients within Europe but we deal internationally.  All you need to do is contact us and we will handle the rest for you.

Your Opinion Matters

your opinion matters

You opinion matters to us. You can judge the quality of our work once you receive your translation. We provide you with a review time in which you can get back to us with any questions or concerns in regards to your translation. If you get back to us within the review time with a problem or a change which lies within the budget we will re-open the project and have the translators who worked on it correct it and respond to all your queries. Some of such issues appear simply because the client forgot to mention something to us, that is why you need to give us as much details as possible before we start working on your documents. We will make any necessary changes to the translation until you are fully satisfied with the result.

Are you Ready? Let's get started:

Professional translation services agency in Amsterdam

We are an ISO qualified translation agency in Amsterdam offering high quality, professional translation services in and from all languages of the European Union and from the most important non EU countries.

Our translation work is appropriate for any business and organization that needs to communicate successfully with an international audience, workforce or customer base. It is important to have a translator who has your company’s interest at heart. This is another reason that so many companies choose NBT translation services, because at our company, your business comes first.