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Differences between Translation and Website Localization Services

Differences between Translation and Website Localization Services

Website localization services involve the process of adjusting a company site to the local language and culture of the target market. It is not only about translating the words. Localization includes the adapting of the website to the specific linguistic and cultural context.

What Do Website Localization Services Include?

Only translation is not enough for the purposes of localization. This is a complex modification process. Localization includes using specific language and cultural preferences. They should affect the texts, the images and the overall design of the website. As a result, your website should be understandable and user-friendly for its users.

Two things are necessary for a successful web site localization – programming proficiency and extensive knowledge on the local language and culture. The translation of the web site must be made with no mistakes and with attention to the users.

Benefits of Using Website Localization Services

When you want your business to expand on a new market, it is a must to have a well-working website. It should present your company in the best possible way. It also needs to be accessible, appealing and easy to understand for you audience. Using website localization services will help you make your site attractive for your new potential clients. They will be able to find there useful information and to make an inquiry, if they are interested in your products or services.

Your site needs to be adapted to the local culture, customs and habits and this usually means adapting the site is a way that it fits the area it is intended for. The website appearance has to be modified according to its purpose but also to fit the targeted audience.

Make Your Website Seem Natural

This is one of the main goals of the website localization services – to modify the website and make it user-friendly for the new audience. It may not seem easy to do, and it’s not, but a translation company like NBT surely has the resources to do just that.

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