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Distinguish Between Language Translation Services

Distinguish Between Language Translation Services

Language Translation Services

We are all familiar with the terms such as translation center, Language Translation Company, Localization Company and provider of language services (PLS). Many beginners are confused with the terms translation and localization. Here is the text that will help you understand and make the difference between these confusing terms, as well as with other terms within the translation industry. Translation and localization do not mean the same, but still localization has become popular and very often mistakenly replaced by translation in many areas. You will find many benefits to working with the best Language Translation Services.

Technically speaking, all these mentioned terms can belong to the same organization. Provider for Language Services (PLS) has gained its place in conferences, because it stands for a full service that can provide much more than pure translation. According to its usage, translation centers belong to traditional terms in contrast to Providers of Language Services, which has become very popular as a company or a partner, because it offers a great variety of language services.

Translation center offers translation services. It is usually mistaken for Translation Company. Translation centers offer their services and translate documents for their clients. Some centers also have interpreters, DTP, and many other services, including software or website translation.

Translation refers to conveying the same meaning of one language into another. To say it more precisely, translation transfers the meaning of a source language by using elements of the same text of the target language. Translators translate documents professionally for their clients.

Localization is a term that refers to creating linguistically and culturally acceptable messages for a product intended for sale in the target area (country and language). “Localization puts the local area into consideration,” for example, whether Brazil will decide for Portuguese or Portugal.

Regardless of the type of your product, when you start selling it across countries, translation or localization for making the appropriate message for your products is a must. This necessity for High Quality Language Translation particularly applies to large global companies with an income of usually above 50% of their total overturn. They always need to do more, and to edit their products that are specially created for the needs of the local inhabitants.

Similarly, smaller, but fast-developing companies that have just started selling their products across countries will soon find out that proper language translation, localization of their products and related materials is an obligatory step into the world of global market.

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