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When is Dutch Afrikaans translation needed?

When is Dutch Afrikaans translation needed?

Afrikaans is the official language of South Africa and is spoken by over six million people. You will need Dutch Afrikaans translation if you want to launch any Dutch product in Cape Town! As it is becoming a common occurrence to develop and establish your business in South Africa with the passing time; it is also becoming a norm to get your content translated into Afrikaans because you want to launch your product in the region.

Dutch Afrikaans translation

Afrikaans language

Afrikaans Market and Language

The Afrikaans is a formidable market as South Africa is the most influential and most important African country except for Egypt. When expanding farther than Europe, South Africa becomes a country of interest because it is a strong attraction for tourists and has a welcoming aura for foreign individuals. That is why businesses expand in South Africa when they want to launch themselves beyond their comfort zone. You will notice that many companies have branch offices in Cape Town.

Afrikaans is the official language of South Africa, so if you are establishing an office in South Africa, you will need to get your paperwork done in Afrikaans. If you are a Dutch company expanding in South Africa, you will need thorough Dutch Afrikaans translation for your business endeavors.

Translation Cost

The rates per word for translating the Dutch language can be problematic because the Dutch language is generally not so economical. European languages are usually expensive in nature, and translation rates for the Dutch language are high. Although prices are lower for other languages, when it comes to the Dutch language the case is different and translation companies charge more.

If you are translating to Dutch then the translator will also be Dutch. It is hard to find non-native speakers of Dutch language as the language is not too common in the international market. Dutch translators can be expected to ask for considerable charges as they are European nationals. That means that usually when you go to a translation agency, they will have a significant problem with giving you lower rates. The matter will not be in their hands because they will have to pay their Dutch translators for their services.

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Our Rates

At No Borders Translations the Afrikaans rates per word are generally economical with an average of $0.12 per word because Cape Town is an industrial town and European languages are usually expensive with local languages staying in decent margins. You can get a proper translation from us without any problems, perfectly localized to South Africa or to any other country.

It is common to get Dutch Afrikaans translation, and people are getting those at exceptionally economical rates from us. You do not have to worry too much as No Borders Translations is here with best translations in business for all languages.

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