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Who needs Dutch to Punjabi translation and are there translators to do it?

Who needs Dutch to Punjabi translation and are there translators to do it?

When do you need a Dutch to Punjabi translation? Punjabi is probably one of the most impactful regional languages in the world, and the world never runs out of reasons to use Punjabi in its interactions. What on earth are we talking about? Relax and let No Borders Translations begin with explaining some background.

Dutch to Punjabi translation

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For those of you who are not already deeply addicted to the ‘Bhangra culture,’ Punjabi is the language that is spoken in the heart of South East Asia. It is the regional language of the province of ‘Punjab’ that was divided in half with separation of India and Pakistan in the middle of the nineteenth century. Both provinces still speak Punjabi, and the religion of ‘Sikh’ is entirely developed in the Punjabi language.

The language is spoken by nearly one hundred million people around the world. A massive Punjabi speaking population exists in all the Western countries; for example, Punjabi speaking population of England is a significant cornerstone of British society, and Punjabi fluent population is also robust in Australia. All in all, it is a strong language that has a profound impact on the locals where it is fluently spoken.

When Would One Need To Think About Dutch To Punjabi Translation?

If you have a Dutch product that will sell well in the Punjabi market, then it will be best if you present the product to the Punjabi population in their native language. It is only one purpose from the top of our head, otherwise there are many reasons to use Dutch content in Punjabi settings. Maybe research papers are being written discussing literature in these two languages, or there is Dutch evidence being presented in a Punjabi court. As rare as it may sound to you, this is not entirely unprecedented.

Dutch To Punjabi translation is mostly needed for business expansion, but there are also individuals that need documents translated in Punjabi. Think of immigration and you will figure out that there are quite a lot of people needing translation services.

who needs Punjabi translation

Are There Translators Who Will Conduct These Translations?

Yes, many translators work between these two languages frequently. There are, in fact, even native speakers of both languages meaning the person has one parent who is Dutch and the other parent who is Punjabi. These individuals will find the translation between these two languages exceptionally easy. It could also be that you are a near-native speaker of Dutch while you have a Punjabi heritage because you have been living in the region for a very long time.

The rates for Dutch to Punjabi translation are relatively low because the prices of the whole translation are decided by the rates per word for the target language. Punjabi does not have high rates per word, and that is why even if you factor in the fact that the source language is European, you will still find the total estimate affordable.

We hope our little discussion will help you understand the basics of these two languages better. If you need accurate translations at low rates, get in touch.

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