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Who needs European parliament translation and where to get it

Who needs European parliament translation and where to get it

The European Union uses 24 languages which are more or less considered official and any documents that are being discussed in the parliament need to be translated into all 24 languages so that no nation ever feels left behind. No wonder that European parliament translation is a nut hard to crack.

The need for European parliament translation is increasing

The European parliament translation office deals with the following languages:

  • Dutch, French, German, Italian: 1958
  • Danish, English: 1973
  • Greek: 1981
  • Portuguese, Spanish: 1986
  • Finnish, Swedish: 1995
  • Czech, Estonian, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Polish, Slovak, Slovene: 2004
  • Bulgarian, Irish, Romanian: 2007
  • Croatian: 2013

As more and more languages are included in the list, so is the need of translators in the European Union is increasing. The European Union has the world’s best system of translators who strives to provide the best translations to and from any of the above languages with precision and very high quality. But having so much documentation to translate, they sometimes need an external party to deal with European parliament translation, and one of the best external companies they could work with is No Borders Translations.

Why European translation needs are rising?

The European Parliament deals with a diverse range of nations, all with diverse language sets. These regions are all attached to each other and come under the European Union’s language sets. As the European Union is mainly based on a culture and environment of collaboration; these languages and much more are all kept under consideration and given due attention in the European Union Parliament when making any rulings or conducting any business.

The advent of the European Union also brought out the advent of translation technique and its improvement for communication in the Global communications. Even though translation and multilingual cross communication was initiated by the United Nations in the 1950s but the translation techniques and their strengths became much more strong for European languages ever since the advent of the European Union.

Now the more European languages get included in the Union, there are more and more requests for European parliament translation.

The languages that have been there from the beginning such as Italian, Spanish, French, and others have always had a strong hold on the world communications system, as these languages have been used and promoted by the European Union from the very beginning. But the languages that gained ground recently such as Slovakian, Swedish, Irish and Finnish are also gaining steadier ground with time because they are also becoming more and more significant, thus more European parliament translation is required.

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