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Some tips to get quality German translation online

Some tips to get quality German translation online

You are looking for German translation online and you just realized that the rates per word in the industry are incredibly varied. You also realized that you require some explaining about what on earth is going on!

No Borders Translations is here to help you out! We have worked in the German translation industry for a long while and we have seen long-lost puppies like you on a number of occasions. We are here to help you understand the process of a good translation.

How to get accurate German translation online at low prices?

Getting accurate translations at affordable rates may be hard if you don’t know where to get it. Here are the most important factors that influence the price of your translation.

get quality translations at low rates

The language pair

The rates per word in Germany are decided based on the language pair of the original and target language. As one of the languages is almost always German, the rates per word are decided by the other language in the pair. This means that the other language in the translation project is a very important part of the equation that should be taken into serious consideration.

The translation quality

It also depends whether you want it to be a top-notch translation that needs to be submitted to a government organization or if you are just looking to get your content translated for usual conversational purposes. If the quality of the translation is going to be pitch perfect, then you should look for a serious translator but if it is for semi-formal purposes only; then we strongly recommend you try using an international student in Germany who is the native speaker of the other language in your language pair.

A simple trick to lower your translation costs

As No Borders Translations discussed earlier, the other language in the language pair is the key factor in deciding the cost of a translation. So, we are here with a translation ability solution that focuses on the main factor. Find a translation agency that is native to your other language in the language pair and see if they will translate the language for you at the best rates.

Let’s suppose, you have a Nigerian to German translation project, now the best translation agency in Nigeria can’t charge you high for the translation. The same goes for all the languages across the globe except for German. Their charges will be lower and they will also be well qualified. They will focus on the task with enthusiasm as you will be their ‘European client’. It’s a win-win for all!

how to lower translation costs

There is an exception to the rule of course, and the exception is European language pairs. If you are working with European language pairs then you should work on finding ways of getting your translation from within EU because the language pair will probably cost more in the other countries.

These are No Borders Translations’ few tips to help you get the best German translation online for reasonable rates and explain the system to you in clarity and with purpose. We hope the above will help you and we are here to provide the best German translation online at some of the lowest rates if you require assistance!

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