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How to translate Dutch to German without English as a middle language

How to translate Dutch to German without English as a middle language

Many translation services tend to use English as a middle language since it is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world. (In fact, it is the third most commonly spoken language in the world.) With 335 million people speaking it, there’s no wonder some services get confused about the appropriate language to use with their own customers. If you want to translate Dutch to German without needing English as a middle language, have no fears!

How to translate Dutch to German without using English

Ask your professional translation service to work directly with a specialized translator. A specialized translator is one who has gone the extra mile to become an expert with their chosen language and topic field. This person will speak your native language to make business run smoother, and will work with other translators to ensure your communications can translate Dutch to German without a hitch.

Tell your professional translation service your language preference. Your professional translation service is in the business of speaking your language. They will adhere to your native language, or risk losing your business.

Look in your local area for a professional translation service. Many translation services in your local area will speak the language of the culture they are submerged in. If you would prefer to work with a Dutch business, search for local businesses near you. If there isn’t one available, then again, simply let your chosen professional translation service know your preferred language. Whichever you choose, or whichever makes you feel confident in their capabilities, they will work with you to translate Dutch communications in a highly professional manner.

Translating documents without using English as the middle language isn’t a difficult feat for a competent translation service. A professional service will be able to translate Dutch to German, and they will provide a quality output. What messages will you be sharing with your target markets?

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