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What about Indian languages and their importance?

What about Indian languages and their importance?

Languages are means of communication and also important instruments for development and growth of a country. India is the largest country in the world, with diverse ethnic and rich cultural heritage. As a result of this, a variety of Indian languages exist and are used throughout the country.

Which of the Indian languages matter for business

Although, the official language is Hindi, it is only spoken natively by 20% of the whole population of India, with others having a working understanding of the language. The English language is the second official language of the country. With more than 22 languages including Tamil, Bengali, Kashmiri, Konkani, Maithili, Nepali, Punjabi, Sindhi and a host of many others officially recognized in India, we may begin to wonder how important these languages are altogether in a wider sphere.

The corporate world is beginning to understand and appreciate the need to incorporate Indian languages into their everyday business, as they are beginning to enjoy the numerous benefits it has to offer. Advertising using languages other than English has been proven to pay off, as a larger market and audience are now being covered. This has led to great boosts in sales, both online and offline. Presently, everyone has a social media presence – well not technically everyone. With more than 150 million active internet users, if there is a dire need to reach out to more than 150 million more people, targeting local language speakers will be one effective way to go about it. And the Indian languages are simply a must for business expansion into India.

India is one of the largest and still growing technological markets all around the world. Companies are beginning to use local contents and creating multiple language platforms to design their products and services and they hope to use this medium to engage and drive traffic to their products, which will in turn lead to a high ROI. An important role in this belongs to translation companies which help the others by translating their websites and their marketing materials, which is a step forward in international business expansion.

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