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Language Translation Services: the Importance of Twitter for B2B companies

Language Translation Services: the Importance of Twitter for B2B companies

Language Translation Services

Language Translation Services

In today’s Language Translation Services industry, a very important role is played by social media being used for generating leads, or when buyers use it to search for the best services and when marketers search for a buyer’s wants and needs.

Every one of the major social media tools can generate a large number of B2B leads, but one of the most efficient is Twitter in its simplicity, considering the 140 character limit on each post.

  • There are different statistics that show the power of Twitter on the market in 2012, such as:
    • There are approximately 200 million users, of whom 50 million are very active and 100 million who log in at least once a day.
    • 34% of marketers have generated leads using this tool, and 20% have closed deals.
    • Half the total number of Twitter users share links, and 53% re-tweet others.
    • BtoB Magazine mentioned that 64% of marketers consider social media, as the second-most important factor in internet searches.
    • According to Jeff Bullas, from the world’s 100 largest companies, 77 maintain a Twitter account.
    • 40% of Twitter users are content consumers with very little posting activity.

You may be wondering how such a limited social tool can be so important for B2B companies. The answer is simple: through hashtags. They work just like simple keywords in a search engine.

If you create your own hashtag, you have to make sure that it is popular and other people are searching through it, otherwise, it won’t bring any help.

  • In the Language Translation Services industry there are some general hashtags and the most used is #translation. Here is a list of other popular hashtags in this industry:
    • #xl8 which means “translate” (awful, but true. this is how: – x = trans – l = l – 8 = ate
    • #t9n and it means “translation”: t + 9 letters + n. Just take the first letter, then the number of letters up until the next to the last, and the last one.
    • #i18n means: “internationalization”
    • #l10n means: “localization”

Often, hashtags are used for certain events and meetings, keeping other people informed about recent changes and/or cancellations.

Every branch of the translation industry uses Twitter, such as translators, translation buyers and agencies, which makes us believe that with this social tool you can improve your marketing results.

We at No Borders Translations consider that each and every social media tool can be used in bringing larger numbers of leads to B2B companies, and with this, success.

Do not forget that we are open 24 hours a day in order to be there for your most urgent requests for Language Translation Services. Feel free to contact us for a quote, no matter what time of the day or night !

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