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Should I translate my blog into Nordic languages and why?

Should I translate my blog into Nordic languages and why?

There is a story behind any blog on the internet. Some blogs started as a hobby, or to share their thoughts to anyone willing to read them. Some of the blogs are quickly forgotten, others succeed, creating web celebrities from the blog owners. However, the one thing all blogs have in common is that they’re addressing to a global audience since the time they were created. Some of them would like to get more traffic, therefore the owners always ask themselves: Should I translate my blog into other languages?

Should I translate my blog into other languages?

Everyone speaks English these days, so why bother? Well, the answer is simple and up to you to decide: while people do speak English to some extent, they’re much more comfortable speaking their native language. If you’re addressing specifically to the Nordic countries, you should be able to speak their language. In this specific case, the answer to the question should be simple. Should I translate my blog? Yes, you should.

Once decided, other questions would come up. How do I translate my blog? Should I use translation plugins and add machine translation to my blog, or try to translate every post on my own? If latter, do you really have the time? The best option is still using a translation company, which would provide quality translation as well as localization of your content. Problem is, you’ll have to pay for the translation, which might not be worth it if you’re not making any money with your blog. It is however a great option if you’re a company owner.

So, should I translate my blog? The question remains open, as each owner needs to balance between the advantages of doing so and if worth it, why not? Considering you’ve chosen the right way to do it, you should see more traffic coming to your translated version of your blog soon.

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