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Why Document Translation Cannot be Done by Any Bilingual Speakers?

Why Document Translation Cannot be Done by Any Bilingual Speakers?

When your company needs regular translations, you might consider using one of your bilingual speakers employees as a translator. However, this is not a good idea for regular translations, especially when dealing with the Nordic languages.

Why not all bilingual speakers can be used to translate?

For making a quality translation, it is not enough only to speak very well a pair of languages. The translator needs to know the whole variety of uses of the words. He should be able to recognize how they should be used according to the context. He should also be aware of the misunderstandings that might appear because of wrong translation and how to avoid them.

Many translators use specialized software called CAT tools to help them make fast and quality translations. So, the work of the translator cannot be easily combined with other tasks, and since your bilingual speakers are actually doing their usual work, they can’t split between jobs.

What Skills Does One Needs for Translating into Nordic Languages?

First of all, they need to know very well the languages to which and from which they are going to translate. But this is not enough. If you have some bilingual speakers in your team, those employees will probably understand the meaning of the documents involved. But the process of translating requires also organizing the texts in order to keep their meaning. Also, the translator should choose the best translation of the words according to the context.

The translation into Nordic languages is a huge challenge, so you would better leave it to the professionals. If you ask one of your bilingual speakers in your team to translate for you, this might lead to mistakes in translation. The lack of experience as a translator will make the task even harder.

Professional Nordic Languages Translation Services

When working with Nordic languages, the best thing to do is to use the services of a translation company. Thus, you will enjoy the benefits of a quality translation from and into Nordic languages – on time and with no mistakes.

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