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Vetting a Professional Language Translation Agency

Vetting a Professional Language Translation Agency

Professional Language Translation Agency

Knowing what to look for in a Language Translation Agency is the key to getting positive results. There are many reasons to seek out the assistance of professional translators, but in all cases, the desired result is a thorough, accurate translation of the specific subject matter.  Whether the services required include documents to be translated from one language to another or verbal communications to be translated in real time (or some combination of the two) it is important to get the best services available.

First, it is critical to know what type of work is needed. Some projects require many team members while others take only one or two translators. Obviously if a large number of translations – as between many people in a large group – or in a variety of languages are the goal, a larger company with more personnel will be mandatory. If, however, a single document is the entirety of the job a single translator may suffice. Choosing a Language Translation Agency based on appropriately defined project requirements is the first step in getting the desired results.

Once the focus has been narrowed down and a few potential translation agencies selected, screening can begin. All reputable Professional Translation Services will be able to produce references upon request. They will also deliver a portfolio of previous work and proof of their qualifications. It is also acceptable in some cases to request a fluency test to ensure a company’s abilities.

If a client requests the translation agency being considered to take a test, it can give further information for consideration. Speed and accuracy can be gauged through this type of test, which is easily administered. Many times, client testing occurs via the internet, in fact. The more accurate the translation is, the higher a company should be considered. Errors in translation can be costly, embarrassing, or even the cause of serious business problems. Ensuring the skill of a translator or agency, before the project helps pave the way for a polished project at completion.

Each translation agency is required to have certification, which can only be acquired through rigorous testing. This strict testing procedure ensures quality standards for all translation services. In addition to this certification, an agency may provide other supporting materials to add to their reputation, such as training courses, diplomas, and awards. Not any of these are a substitute for certification, though.

A final factor in choosing the best Document Translation Services is its experience. In addition, not only length of experience, but specific type should be considered as well. Many translation areas are very subject specific. Legal matters are not handled in the same type of language structure as scientific or literary ones. The translators involved must be familiar with the language and the type of material in question as well. A translation agency with wide-ranging skills and adequate experience can go a long way toward achieving successful projects.


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