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Why every language translation company needs a company policy

Why every language translation company needs a company policy

NBT – a language translation company

language translation companyEven though it seems simple enough, translation is a complex process, considering the steps that must be taken for the perfect result. For the whole process to run smoothly, a translation must be coordinated by a professional project manager supported by a good company policy of the language translation company. He/She is always aware of every phase and ensures that the work is progressing successfully and deadlines are being met.

Collaborating colleagues

A very efficient method of adding value to translation and editing services is by creating an environment where teamwork is the keyword. The steps that must be taken for a quality translation must be very well implemented and followed by every language translation company.

We are all aware of conflicts between translators and proofreaders and a good company policy is mandatory in order to acquire the quality of services and have a healthy work environment.


The process of translation starts with the translator and it is very important to know that a native translator for the target language of the project will always deliver the best possible results. So, considering the language into which you want the project to be translated, a native translator is the way to go.

For the translation to be more effective, Computer-Assisted Translation tools are used, such as Trados or Wordfast. These CAT tools also help translators meet deadlines.


The editor checks if:

  • the translation from the original text is accurate
  • any of the information has been missed
  • all the instructions and guidelines given by the customer were followed

It is recommended that this step is done, at first, with the help of a CAT tool by breaking the text into segments and after that, the text is analyzed as a whole to make sure the sentences make the same sense in the general context as the original. A professional language translation company always has a second translator as editor.


As a final step, the project goes to the proofreader who will make sure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes and that the translated text sounds natural in the target language.

The NBT company policy requires that a professional proofreader rechecks the translation using the original source data.

If there are any changes to be made, the proofreader communicates them to the translator and they decide the best way to fit the changes according to the context. In case the proofreader considers that the project needs major improvements, the text is sent back to the translator with the modifications, or he/she will do them him/herself. One final check is completed by the deadline manager, and if there are still problems with the translation, he/she can send them back either to the translator or the proofreader.

This step is considered very important especially because it’s the last one before the translation is delivered to the customer. Any language translation company should have this translation process clearly outlined in its company policy.

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