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An Overview of Website Translation, Localization and Internationalization

An Overview of Website Translation, Localization and Internationalization

Website translation, localization and internationalization are often mixed and confused with each other. The main reason for this is their correlation to each other and overlapping to some extent. Most people find it difficult to discern between globalization and localization, and consider both interchangeable. Today, we aim at giving you a distinguished overview of each of them in an easy-to-learn manner.

Website Localization

It involves translating the front end of a website to make it readable and comprehensible for the customers or visitors of a targeted area. Once you get website translation services on the front, all of its contents, slogans, and menus will be converted to the local language of a specific area or locality. The process guarantees certain benefits that an operator can get including the enhancement in his/her marketing spectrum.

Website Internationalization

Website translation on the back end of a website is defined as website internationalization. Mainly, it has to do with the database involved in development and management of it. If a site is internationalized well, it can support the keywords, key-phrases, and other objects pertaining to search engine optimization. Hence, to achieve the purpose of making a web platform utilizable for the visitors of different parts of word, or to create a multilingual website, it is important to get it internationalized or translated on the back end quite skilfully.

Website Translation

Website translation or globalization is the sum of both web internationalization and localization. Hence, when a website has undergone both aforementioned procedures, it can be called translated or globalized. So, we should not confuse it (as it has been a misconception) with localization or internationalization, because the term entails wider meaning covering both these areas. Mere localization or internationalization can be of no value, as both stand complementary to each other. That is what emphasizes the need for website translation.

Even though these online web-management terms are severely interlinked, having gone through this content you will be able to see each of them as a separate strategy. The following equation shows the whole scenario in a nutshell:

Web-localization (L10N) + Web-internationalization (I18N) = Website Translation (G11N)

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